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GEM - Magnetic USB Juul Charger

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$8.99 USD
About the GEM Magnetic USB JUUL Charger

JUUL has really revolutionized the vaping industry. Their devices are the most advanced forms of temperature-regulated vapor technology on the market. They’re compact, sleek, stylish, and so easy to use. The fact that JUUL e-cigarettes are rechargeable is one of the most appealing features.

If you’ve misplaced or broken the USB charging cord that your JUUL device came with, or you just want to have an extra one available to keep in your office, car, home, or anywhere else, the GEM Magnetic USB JUUL Charger is a great choice. The cord is 2.6 feet long, which gives you plenty of flexibility. It works with JUUL devices that come with the Starter Kit, the Basic Kit, or the Silver Basic Limited Edition Kit. What’s more is that this magnetic USB charger works with any USB port.

The GEM Magnetic USB JUUL Charger is a must-have accessory for any JUUL user.   

  • 2.6 Feet Long Cable Length
  • Magnetic USB charging cable for the JUUL Pods System 
  • Wall Adapter and Car adapter included