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  • SaltNic Labs VGOD Mango Bomb | 30mL | Salt Nic Liquid | Price Point NY
  • SaltNic Labs VGOD Bomb Line | 30mL | Salt Nic Liquid | Price Point NY
  • SaltNic Labs VGOD Berry Bomb | 30mL | Salt Nic Liquid | Price Point NY
  • SaltNic Labs VGOD Apple Bomb | 30mL | Salt Nic Liquid | Price Point NY
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VGOD Bomb Series Line

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$12.99 USD
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SaltNic Labs VGOD's Bomb Line comes in 3 fruit packed flavors:

Mango Bomb

Imagine yourself in a vacation enjoying the fresh breeze in the seashore or just relaxing under the sun. How about some luscious mango? This will surely allow your palate and taste buds to feel pure and fantastic enjoyment. You can achieve a more wonderful feeling by getting your vaping accessories and hitting on the SaltNic Labs VGOD Bomb Series Line Mango Bomb.

Every exhales and inhales ultimately sweet and fruity. This product is considered by many as an excellent thirst quencher. The throat hits even give you added enjoyment that you deserve. If you are craving for a great flavor that can surely keep you in a good mood while at the same time allowing you to wander without getting off your chair, this is the one to vape.

Mango Bomb is a great option to take if you want an explosion of flavor and get some taste of juicy and fruity mango that leaves you to crave more.  

Berry Bomb

If you love strawberries, then you can hit with triple play and enjoy a sweet strawberry experience followed by the satisfying and pleasurable sour tang. This is made possible by SaltNic Labs VGOD Bomb Series Line-Berry Bomb.

This product will deliver you with the right amount of standard sweetness and sour taste of strawberry belt candy type. This also promises ultimately smooth but not overwhelming flavor, and this is what separates this product from the rest.

When you inhale, ripeness of the strawberries starts to make a way across your tongue. The sourness and sweetness of strawberries will make your mouth crave for more. When you exhale, the taste of candy will enable your sweet tooth to be in a complete sugar coated harmony.

Now is the perfect time to enjoy this flavor and have that splendid vaping experience. This is the flavor that will satisfy your craving.  

Apple Bomb

VGOD Bomb Series Line finally released another exciting and tempting flavor, the Apple Bomb. With the help of SaltNic Labs, Apple Bomb was made and has turned into a delicious e-liquid.

The Apple Bomb is known to infuse sour and crisp Granny Smith green apples to sugary and sweet candy belt. This product is available in a 30ml bottle which makes refilling the empty pods more comfortable and more convenient. You can get this in 50mg or 25 mg option. The 70 to 30 VG PG ratio allows the juice to deliver maximum flavors in every hit. Grab your bottle of Apple Bomb now!

You will never regret this product since this contains every pleasant sourness and crispiness of Granny Smith green apples and does not miss any step in between. Indulge in a more exciting and satisfying vape experience by using this product.