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  • VGOD Mango Bomb | 60mL | eLiquid | Price Point NY
  • VGOD Bomb Line | 60mL | eLiquid | Price Point NY
  • VGOD Berry Bomb | 60mL | eLiquid | Price Point NY
  • VGOD Apple Bomb | 60mL | eLiquid | Price Point NY
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VGOD Bomb Line eLiquid 60ML

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$13.99 USD
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VGOD's Bomb Line comes in 3 fruit flavors:

Mango Bomb

Mango Bomb is the third addition to the VGOD Bomb Line e-Liquid. This is a powerful and harmoniously-balanced flavor which will transport you directly into soft and ripened slices of juicy and freshly peeled mango.

The dominant note of mango fruit is that it is delicately silky and sweet all through the inhale and through the exhale. This is also an outright and smooth mango blast offering ultimate satisfaction in 6, 3 and 0 mg nicotine strengths. With this VGOD Bomb Line e-Liquid Mango Bomb in a 60ml bottle, you are sure to enjoy fruity all-day vaping sessions.

VGOD Bomb Line e-Liquid 60ML Mango Bomb will take your palate and your taste buds in an incredible tropical vaping journey that would make you feel refreshed and relaxed. This e-liquid will contribute to the positive vibes and feeling that you got to experience while vaping.   

Berry Bomb

If you want to experience some sweet freshness in the morning or you are craving for something fruity yet candy-like, the VGOD Bomb Line eLiquid 60ML Berry Bomb is perfect for you. This is something you can have if you cannot wait for the balance of tangy sour and sweetness of strawberries. The moment you inhale, you will instantly feel the satisfying sublime of strawberry zest on the top note.

And as it hits back your throat, you will have a taste of lip-smacking tartness, but you will be quickly basted with the candied strawberry as a base note on exhale. Indulging with allow you to take more pulls and you will be driven your way back into the slopes and blast out some fresh tracks.

For a more satisfying and pleasurable vaping experience, you will not regret settling for this powerful and high quality e-liquid.

Apple Bomb

If you want to add satisfaction into your relaxation time, it is high time that you take some hit of refreshingly crisp and juicy Granny Apple so get your mod now and get started. One of the best things about this product is that this quickly detonates notes of highly mesmerizing and juicy apple at the fore of Apple Bomb hit.

All through the pull, you will get to taste momentary rich sweet and sour tartness which burst through the savory and captivating sweetness of candied apple on the exhale. After some hits of this Apple Bomb, you will erupt with energy, and you’ll blaze your trails once again.

This product comes in a 60ml bottle in 3 nicotine strengths such as 6mg, 3mg, and 0mg. Apple Bomb is a truly interesting and worth trying e-liquid. Knowing that VGOD offers this, one of the best suppliers of smoking and vaping products, you can expect at the best quality and flavor.