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  • VGOD Cigar Line | 60mL | eLiquid | Price Point NY
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VGOD Cigar Line eLiquid 60ML

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VGOD's Cigar Line comes in 4 cigar flavors:


With the increasing popularity of personal box mods and vaporizer, e-liquid or vape juice has also become a big part of vaping all over the world. The VGOD Cigar Line eLiquid 60ML bottles are now available to give a much better vaping experience. This e-liquid line includes four cigar flavors, and these include Cubano.

VGOD Cigar Line eLiquid 60ML Cubano is a notable full-flavor Cuban Cigar topped with creamy and soft vanilla undertones. This is robust and rich tobacco with a guaranteed smooth finish. The Cubano is considered a real classic that you would surely want to add into your day.

There are varieties of flavors of e-liquid available out there but this VGOD Cigar Line eLiquid 60ML Cubano is worth a try. If you want an ultimate vaping experience, add this e-liquid to your daily vaping session, and you will surely experience instant satisfaction.  

Cubano Silver

E-liquids are becoming widespread and popular these days with the number of individuals who are into vaping continues to grow in number as well. E-liquids are fluids which fuel electric cigarettes. These create the vapor that you exhale which mimics traditional smoke coming from regular cigarettes.

Different e-liquid flavors are now being introduced, but the VGOD Cigar Line eLiquid 60ML Cubano Silver is one product highly talked about in the market. The Cubano Silver will make you feel relaxed and chilled. You will, therefore, be motivated to take your mod and relish the rarity of such a full-flavor cigar which is infused with a warm top note of vanilla custard and rounded off with hints of spice.

The VGOD Cigar Line eLiquid 60ML Cubano Silver is arguably one of the important parts of a satisfying vaping experience. If you want a best value vaping product, the VGOD Cigar Line eLiquid 60ML Cubano Silver is a good choice.

Cubano Black

The Cubano Black was exceptionally crafted and aged to great perfection. This e-liquid was crafted in just limited quantities and is pre-steeped for months to ensure unrivaled perfection. Satisfaction is the only thing you will experience if you include this robust cigar flavor; you would also enjoy hints of rich and creamy mustard.

This is one of the best 60ML e-liquid offered by VGOD. Cubano Black was crafted to perfection, so you are guaranteed with a great vaping experience. This product is now available online. VGOD Cigar Line, particularly this Cubano will go never to provide you with high quality e-liquid.

You can place your order now and get started with an exciting and enjoyable vaping session. Now is the best time to consider this product and make this part of your smoking and vaping accessories. VGOD Cigar Line eLiquid 60ML Cubano Black is indeed a must-have for those who are fond of vaping.


VGOD Cigar Line eLiquid 60ML Coco combines soft coconut cheesecake with light but smooth tobacco flavor and also with hints of lemon zest. This e-liquid is sweetly delicate and rich dessert flavor which can be enjoyed all day or every day. Every 60 ml bottle is available in three nicotine strengths such as 6mg, 3mg and 0 mg.

Vape enthusiasts craving for bigger clouds and excellent throat hit will surely appreciate this delicious dessert with such a vibrant and powerful Tobacco exhale, can opt for this product. These factors make VGOD Cigar Line eLiquid 60ML Coco a completely amazing all-day vape e-liquid.

Every bottle of Cocos made up of premium quality ingredients to ensure satisfying taste that you will never put down. Everything about VGOD Cigar Line eLiquid 60ML Coco is quite impressive that is why increase number of individuals resort to  buying and using it when vaping.