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  • VGOD Luscious | 60mL | eLiquid | Price Point NY
  • VGOD Lush Line | 60mL | eLiquid | Price Point NY
  • VGOD Lush Ice | 60mL | eLiquid | Price Point NY
  • VGOD Sourlicious | 60mL | eLiquid | Price Point NY
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VGOD Luscious Line eLiquid 60ML

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$13.99 USD
Flavor/ Nicotine Strength

VGOD's Luscious Line comes in 3 watermelon flavors:


Luscious guarantees delicious burst of watermelon on inhaling sweetest undertones of combined melons on exhale. Luscious is bursting with sweet fruity flavor making it a perfect all-day vaping experience.

This e-liquid floods your mouth with its tempting fruit flavor that is not overly sweet. If you inhale this e-liquid, the flavor will delight your palate by its intense crispiness. The watermelon juice will take over your tongue with its sweet and cool taste. Every exhale will drench your taste buds in creamy and sweet cantaloupe juice.

This e-liquid from VGOD Luscious Line is offered in a 60-ml bottle. The 70/30 VG PG base delivers dense and huge vape clouds, and solid throat hits that you crave. If you are looking for e-liquid, you can never go wrong with Luscious.

Lush Ice

Vaping has increasingly become popular nowadays among individuals who also want to quit smoking. Of course, an excellent vaping experience cannot be accomplished without quality e-liquid.

If you are looking for one, the VGOD Luscious Line eLiquid 60ML-Lush Ice is the perfect product for you. Lush Ice is one of the signature products of VGOD and infused with watermelon candy flavor and fresh breeze of menthol. As you exhale mixtures of the melon flavors, this will surely infiltrate and satisfy your taste buds. These will also deliver cool, smooth, and fruity all-day vape experience.

Vape lovers and enthusiasts craving for flavorful e-liquid will surely appreciate and opt for this product. This gives extraordinary experience making individuals vape even more. The VGOD Luscious Line eLiquid 60ML-Lush Ice would be an excellent buy if you wanted to ensure pleasurable vaping.


If you are planning to purchase your liquid or e-juice, of course, you will go after high-quality e-liquids. This is where VGOD Luscious Line eLiquid 60ML Sourlicious comes in.

This kicks off with a smooth but tart wave of a sour watermelon candy on inhaling and with blended undertones of some mixed melons upon sugary exhale. VGOD Luscious Line eLiquid 60ML-Sourlicious hits the ideal balance of sour but fruity and sweet flavor for a smooth and satisfying vape throughout the day. Every 60 ml bottle of Sourlicious is available in 3 nicotine strengths such as 6 mg, 3 mg, and 0 mg.

More other features of Sourlicious include unicorn bottle, 30% VG, and 70 % of VG and excellently made in the USA.   If you are fond of vaping, you can consider this product to take your vaping experience to new heights.